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Tuesday July 10th Movie Release Review

Short and sweet and to the point this week.

American Reuinion: staring, well all of the cast of the American pie movies. If you haven’t seen those, then there is no point in watching this. It’s not bad, but I don’t really care for any of the movies in this series, so I have a biased opinion. Of them all, this is by no means the funniest, but it’s okay! The story in this one I do happen to like a little more than the others, however. So if you like the others in this series, check it out.

That’s about the only movie worth mentioning this week. Being Flynn and Flowers of War are on the list, but they aren’t really anything special.

Until next week, happy movie watching.


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Tuesday July 3 Movie Release Review

This is going to be short, yet not so sweet. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile to talk about that is coming out this week. The only title that my store got more than one of is a movie called The Hunters, and we only got 6 of those. So, I would spend this week catching up on the movies you didn’t get a chance to see from last week. July is looking shady as far as releases go.

On another note, I am sad to say that my weekly movie reviews will be coming to an end. July 13 is my last day working for the movie store as I am moving. So my last release review will be for the week on July 17. I will probably bring you that the Saturday or Sunday prior. Anyway, until next week, happy watching last weeks movies.


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Tuesday June 26th Movie Release Review

I seem to always be a day late and a penny short with these reviews, but oh we’ll. Let’s get on its it.

21 Jump Street: starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. This is a movie I have been waiting for. Not only because Channing Tatum is a total dream boat, but because it looks hilarious! Let me tell you, TOTALLY worth the wait! It was funny from start to finish, not a predictable story, and just overall good. It definitely deserves its R rating, as the F-Bomb is dropped very regularly, but there is not sex scenes or nudity, which, let me tell you, is honestly refreshing. Anyway, great movie! Go rent it today!

Mirror Mirror: starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. This movie is cute. That’s about it. A good family film as there is action and romance, but definitely appropriate for our elementary age viewers. Now what grade in elementary is totally up to each person’s personal discretion. The action scenes can be a little intense, fair warning. Overall, cute. A little predictable, but some game changes are thrown around.

A Thousand Words: starring Eddie Murphey. I have got to say, I was skeptical about this one because other than his voice in Shrek, I am not an Eddie Murphey fan. I gave it a try, and overall, wasn’t totally let down. The beginning and middle were, ehhh, but the ending turned out to be pretty good. I was a little surprised. Not a movie that I would say, “you have to see”, but if you have nothing else going on, go for it.

The Artist: I honestly have nothing to say about this film. I didn’t get a chance to watch it, but I know people have been dying to see it. I guess I just didn’t follow the hype, but, if you’re looking forward to it, go rent it.

That’s it for this week, and I honestly have NO clue what is coming out next week, so it’s like a giant surprise! Yay! So, until then, enjoy your movies!


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Moroccan Argan Oil

Today I wanted to bring you a product that I have been LOVING, and a mini review on it. So, let’s dive right in. The product is the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment.

We all have heard of the wonders that oils can do for your hair, and lately the hype has been surrounding Argan oil in particular. I wasn’t going to be one to jump right on that band wagon. My mom is a cosmetologist, and I have tried practically everything on my hair. Plus, with it being so popular, every brand under the sun has come up with their own formulation, and then proceed to charge and arm and a leg for it.

However, in an order from Sephora, one of my free samples was a little package of Argan Oil. I was reluctant to use it, but i finally gave in considering it was free and what was the worst it could do? Needless to say, I loved it. The smell was amazing, and my hair had never been softer. I unfortunately don’t remember the brand of the sample that I got, but that’s okay. Our focus is going to be on the Organix brand.

So, after my first encounter with the Argan Oil, I was on a mission to find a brand that didn’t cost a fortune. On a trip to Wal-Mart, my mission was completed. I found it. The Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. Organix is a higher end brand that is found in drugstores such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc. They actually have a whole line of Argan oil products. I chose to get the Intense Moisturizing Treatment because I had been on a dual mission to find a good hair mask, and I figured this would double as one. The best part was that it was only like $8.00.

One of my favorite things about this particular product is that you can use it 3 different ways. They are

1) Use it as you would a regular conditioner, applying to wet hair after you shampoo, and waiting about 3 minutes for it to soak in.

2) After you wash and condition your hair, apply it to damp hair and comb all the way through, allowing to sit for 10-15 minutes or so, then rinsing out. (This was the way I did it first)

3) The most intense form of applying is to apply to completely dry hair before you shower, comb through from root to tip, place hair in a shower camp covered with a damp, hot towel, and leave on for up to an hour.

All ways work amazing, as I have done all 3. The last one is obviously the most time consuming, and if your hair is anything like mine, it tangles like crazy when a cream is applied to it dry. However, it is worth the hassle. Its amazing. My hair feels so soft and manageable, is super shiny, and smells amazing. Those are hard things to come by in my life since I highlight my hair and I use heat on it daily. None of that matters now because I have this!

it obviously won’t replace the need for regular haircuts, but it definitely keeps my hair looking healthy and shiny in the mean time. So, I would definitely recommend this product to any and everyone. Its affordable, and does the job. Plus, when you don’t have time for a compete hair mask, you have 2 other options to give your hair a little boost.

If you have any comments, or have used any other product from the line, or other brand of Moroccan Argan Oil, please share your thoughts. Also, check out Organix full line of products and how to use them by visiting their website organixhair.com.



Revlon Lip Butter

So, I have touched on this a little before in my Favs post, but I decided it needed its own post. Let’s talk Revlon Lip Butters!

Emma Stone has endorsed these, as she is the face of Revlon in the commercials, and I love her so much that she could practically tell me to rub mayonnaise on my face, or something crazy like that, just because she does it, and I would do it! Anyway, we all know that just because our fav celebs endorse products does not mean that they are all they’re cracked up to be. Most of the time, these endorsement deals come with a pile of money and fame. When it comes to lip butters, this is not how it is.

I love these little things. They are like miracles in a tube. Need a nice pop of color? Lip butter. Need some moisture on your lips? Lip butter. Want the wearability of a lip stick, but the shine of a gloss? Lip butter! I love them! I started out with one, but have found myself scouring the Revlon section every time I go to my local Walgreens for another fun color. I now have 4, and have no reason not to get more.

The only complaint I have would be that while there are quite a few shades, I would like to say about 15 or so, some of the colors are very similar. I feel they have 5 pink shades that are practically the exact same thing. That is why I don’t have more than I do. I currently have (in order of how I purchased them) Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Strawberry Shortcake, and Tutti Fruity. Peach parfait is a deep pink with some gold shimmer, and it wears very nicely. That is another thing to add, all of the colors are pretty sheer, but you can build them up to the desired brightness. Creamsicle is more a nude, but it is the lighter of the 2 nudes that they have. Crème Brûlée is the other nude shade, probably my next to purchase, and it is more of a true nude. Creamsicle, hinted at with it’s name, is a little more orange-y, but nothing crazy. It can leave those weird white lines on your lips though, so it is definitely better layer with a gloss. Strawberry shortcake is a nice bright pink, again, sheer but can be built up. Tutti fruity is a more vibrant orange. In the tube it looks pretty scary, but when applied it is mellowed out. Definitely not an everyday shade, and you’ll have to watch what colors are in your clothing when you wear it, but still super fun. I purchased a Revlon gloss at the same time in Sunset Peach, and the 2 together make for a gorgeous pair.

So, all in all, these are definitely a great buy. I a, obsessed with them. For the price, you can’t beat it. Especially since they are drugstore, and Walgreens usually has some sort of deal such as BOGO 50% off. The girl at my Walgreens always gives me extra coupons too. Since they are only about $7, the price point is great weather or not you have a deal, but coupons are always appreciated!

If you love these lip butters as much as I do, then please comment below. Also, I would love to know which ones are your favorites, and which ones I should buy next. I forgot to mention, but I would have to say that overall, Peach Parfait is my favorite. I mean there is always a reason that you buy the one that you do first. If you have yet to try these, I would say to go for it, and to pick up Peach Parfait as I feel it would be the most flattering on any skin tone. So yeah, let me know what you think, what colors you have, which are hits/misses, and which I should grab next.


P.S.- I will be inserting a picture here shortly.

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